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Planned Carbon Footprint

Planned Carbon Footprint?

Published: 4/26/2021

An increasing number of companies are moving towards sustainable development and a smaller carbon footprint. EQ System Scandinavia Oy also does this.

Do you know what the size of your company’s production and supply chain carbon footprint is made up of? Can you proactively influence sustainable development?

We offer existing tools to create a concept that allows companies to anticipate future emissions and plan their own production and supply chain so that plans simulate, optimize, collect actual data and report in advance before emissions are realized!

EQ System Scandinavia’s mission is to eliminate waste from the manufacturing industry through planning. The methodology we developed for predicting carbon footprint size is based on the world-class design tools we represent. The use of raw materials and semi-finished products in the manufacturing industry, logistics, warehousing, production lines and equipment and their routing in relation to orders are issues that involve a large number of choices that can influence future emissions.

Now you can choose how much your business wants and can incorporate emissions into your business goals. Manufacturing costs relative to emissions can now be calculated as part of the design process without additional separate calculations.

Through such an approach, companies also have the opportunity to tell their customers how significantly they are investing in reducing their carbon footprint. For companies that want to brand themselves as a greener player, a toolkit is now opening up that allows development to be proven based on facts, not just imagination.



Kari Juntunen

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