references | 28.03.2019

Mostva – the logistics industry relies on the XPRIMER solution

Reducing the time of document flow by 20%, reducing requests to the accounting department by 10%, reducing the amount of paper documents by 20% – these are only some of the benefits that Mostva has achieved thanks to the cooperation with eq system specialists and implemented and adapted by them XPRIMER.ECM solution.

The logistics industry is one of the more demanding ones, characterized by a huge amount of processed data and an unstable environment. There are many sudden and unexpected changes, and the speed of reaction must be swift. Currently, in efficient managing of document flow and workflow, the Mostva company is helped by the XPRIMER.ECM system, which is already used by over 80 employees.

We feel that this is the system which will grow with us over many years and we will avoid a problem with which many other companies are struggling with – the change of the implemented system after only few years.

We also appreciate the support of eq system specialists during the entire implementation process and after its completion. They showed their knowledge of the logistics industry and processes which are taking place in it.  They based their work on close cooperation with our experts and focused on a very detailed recognition of our processes and understanding of the functioning of our organization. I recommend both the XPRIMER.ECM system and the eq system – concludes Grzegorz Kukuła, Chief Accountant at Mostva LLC

Why did Mostva decide to implement a document and workflow management system? What had an influence on choosing the XPRIMER.ECM system? What business goals were the most important for the company? How were they implemented and what benefits did they generate?

We invite you to read the case study from Mostva LLC right now >>


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