DCIx is a solution that enables comprehensive supply chain management, both internally and globally. You will be able to monitor the flow of raw materials, finished products and work in progress in real time. By using it you will have instant access to your data thanks to working online.

limit the number of errors
effectively manage internal logistics
coordinate cooperation with suppliers

What benefits can you enjoy?

elimination of the number of errors by over 94%

reduction of the time needed to pick materials by 47%

shortening the inventory time by over 89%

elimination of paper documents from the warehouse

full supervision over the movement of all materials

elimination of the number of errors by over 94%

reduction of the time needed to pick materials by 47%

shortening the inventory time by over 89%

elimination of paper documents from the warehouse

full supervision over the movement of all materials

Entire supply chain covered

In DCIx, you will cover all the activities related to both the transport of goods and the various stages of their production, including:

  • preparation of raw materials needed for production,
  • management of relations with suppliers, customers, recipients,
  • communication between buyers and distributors,
  • internal supply chain in the warehouse,
  • internal supply chain in production,
  • finished products warehouse,
  • flow of information throughout the process,
  • dispatch to customers.

DCIx WMS łańcuch dostaw

DCIx WMS zarządzanie magazynem

Warehouse management

  • The precise image of any warehouse (its space, equipment and team’s potential) in any configuration.
  • The ongoing and direct informing of your employees about where they should be, when and why.
  • Taking care of the security and stability of production processes – DCIx will not let you make a mistake (such as inserting a component into a wrong machine).
  • The management and creation of any combinations of selected products (so-called mixes) for customers.
  • Creating and printing all warehouse and logistic documents (labels, packing slips, returns).

Immediate answers to questions

The DCIx system works online. Thanks to this you know exactly what is in stock at any given time. Inventory does not take several days anymore, but only a few hours. DCix will immediately tell you:

  • What the full history of the product is (including who made it?, what was made?, where it was made?, from what was it made?)
  • Where and in what condition are the individual raw materials?
  • What is the efficiency of the logistics process – how long does loading and the specific stages of the whole process take?
  • Is the organization of the warehouse effective (and how can it be further improved)?
  • Who picked up the order and where is it currently located?
  • Which part of the product is defective? Should it be withdrawn?


dciX iNDUSTRY 4.0

Implementation of Industry 4.0 assumptions in practice

DCIx will facilitate the implementation of the Industry 4.0 assumptions – the system sends information directly to the machines and at the same time receives information from them about whether everything is going according to plan and what exactly they have produced. The system collects a huge amount of information, collects it and then processes it in such a way so that you can draw valuable conclusions from it and see the relationships between data much faster.

Independence from IT systems used

DCIx cooperates with any external systems (including ERP, SCP, MES, CMMS or BI) and automated storage systems, including forklifts.


Why eq system?

… because tools are not a solution

For us, the most important is solving real problems and introducing improvements that will have a real impact on the functioning of the entire company, and not just part of it. What counts for us is how, and not just with what.

… because the diversity of competences counts

Our team consists of people with competences in different areas. However, only the combination of our experience and your knowledge about the company can bring the best results.

… because every company is different

Our cooperation begins with an analysis of the initial situation. Then, together we will create a detailed concept of improvements. Only at the very end we will choose, adjust and implement the appropriate system.

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  • References

    I rate the cooperation with eq system specialists very highly - a very professional team with extensive expertise and knowledge of the details (challenges and limitations) of our industry. The people we worked with were always eager to listen to our suggestions and to answer many questions. In particular, I value eq system for their “honest approach” - if they think that some functionality is not needed, they simply advise against it. I recommend eq system to everyone who is looking for a reliable and honest business partner

    Michał Piotrowski IT Director, Kuehne + Nagel
  • References

    eq system specialists are people with many years of experience, which could be seen at every stage of the project. Their extensive competences have allowed us to precisely define the individual requirements of our organization and to effectively implement the corresponding solutions.

    Jarosław Borzyński HR Manager, Multikino S.A.
  • References

    My assessment of our current cooperation with the specialists at eq system is very good. The level of competence of the people we work with is impressive, just like their approach, both to the project itself and to our specialists. The implementation of this project is based on close cooperation between our companies, which makes me very happy. After completing the analytical project, we were still getting all the details of the concept - eq system specialists once again assured us that our decision to cooperate with them was a good business decision.

    Anna Grupińska-Miężał Representative of the Management Board of GELG Sp. z o.o.
  • References

    First, I would like to mention that as early as at the audit stage, eq system specialists solved our problems, which we had been unable to cope with for several years - not because we did not have the proper knowledge, but because we lacked the right tools. The cooperation with eq system was very efficient, and we received almost immediately the additional materials and information that we asked for. All the employees of Huf Polska, who were to be involved in the audit, received the agenda with the expected time in advance. We also appreciate the fact that, as a result of the audit, a detailed concept was created, which constitutes an annex to the concluded contract. It includes all our expectations and a proposal to meet them.

    Tomasz Wiącek Lean Manufacturing Manager, Huf Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • References

    What convinced us to cooperate with eq system was the way the company's experts presented the solution. Everything was at the highest level - competence, knowledge of our industry and the solution itself. None of the questions we asked were left unanswered. There was a priority effect - a good presentation which projected on all subsequent elements – that was our reference point.

    Ewa Leszczyńska - HR and Payroll Manager, Rosti Poland Sp. z o.o.
  • References

    In the choice of the system, our previous experience in cooperation with the company, eq system, was not insignificant. Starting from the webinar about APS, which for us was the beginning of practical learning about Asprova and eq system, through the workshop organized for the planners in our company, to the preparation of pre-implementation analysis, the company showed professionalism and experience. When working with eq system, we also value the process approach of the consultants, which is particularly important in the area of planning and constitutes the prognosis of the project’s success.

    Tomasz Skrzypczak Head of the Production Preparation Department, Solaris BUS & Coach S. A.
  • References

    During the many years of our cooperation, eq system specialists have often proved that they know the production processes in the smallest detail. What’s more, they are people who can look at the company as a whole, not as separate elements. As a result, they are able to predict the consequences of the implemented improvements on the functioning of the entire organization, and thus prepare it to use the potential of the introduced changes. Therefore, we had no doubts about the choice of a company that would help us improve the data analysis processes.

    Przemysław Fernówka - Representative of the Management Board for IT Systems

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