Asprova APS

Asprova APS is a specialized system designed to improve production management processes, in particular planning and scheduling. It is a solution that, thanks to its flexibility and broad possibilities of development (also independent), gives the certainty that it will meet both current and future expectations. It is a system that grows with the company.

map the specificity of processes
anticipate the consequences of actions
create what-if simulations

What benefits can you enjoy?

shortening the production cycle by over 29%

reduction of warehouse inventory by 26%

increase in production efficiency by nearly 23%

minimizing the number and time of retooling by 27%

improving the timeliness of order completion by more than 52%

shortening the production cycle by over 29%

reduction of warehouse inventory by 26%

increase in production efficiency by nearly 23%

minimizing the number and time of retooling by 27%

improving the timeliness of order completion by more than 52%

Mapping the exact specificity

Asprova APS will allow you to accurately reflect the nature of your industry with all its details (even the smallest ones). In the system you will capture the specificity of individual production processes, independently define any optimization criteria and dependencies between operations, including:

  • production technologies,
  • relations between individual tasks,
  • availability of tools,
  • competences of employees,
  • resource parameters,
  • parameters of products and raw materials,
  • maintenance.

ASPROVA APS odwzorowanie specyfiki procesu

ASPROVA APS- elastyczność

Flexibility – vision translated into the system language

With its broad possibilities of development (also independent), Asprova APS system will always meet the current needs of the company. You can freely modify the scope and methods of scheduling. You decide about:

  • how you plan your production,
  • how detailed your planning is,
  • what optimization criteria you take into account and which ones are the key criteria,
  • what goals you want to achieve.

Speed of action = speed of reaction

The calculation of a fully optimized production schedule along with a material balance will not take you more than several seconds.

ASPROVA APS szybkość działania


Data visualization and what-if simulations

You will quickly create detailed what-if simulations. Thanks to them, you can easily compare different options of the schedule and planning methods. You can safely choose those that best match the company’s current business goals. You will find answers to many questions, including:

  • What is the reliable date for the completion of X order and delivery?
  • What is the optimal sequence of orders and operations?
  • How will a change of priorities affect the execution of orders?

A clear visualization of the entire process will allow you to see much more – much faster. You will gain awareness of the consequences of your actions.

Independence from IT systems used

Asprova APS cooperates with any external system (including ERP, WMS, MES, CMMS or BI). It enables the creation of one place to collect data relevant to the entire production management process.


Why eq system?

… because tools are not a solution

For us, the most important is solving real problems and introducing improvements that will have a real impact on the functioning of the entire company, and not just part of it. What counts for us is how, and not just with what.

… because the diversity of competences counts

Our team consists of people with competences in different areas. However, only the combination of our experience and your knowledge about the company can bring the best results.

… because every company is different

Our cooperation begins with an analysis of the initial situation. Then, together we will create a detailed concept of improvements. Only at the very end we will choose, adjust and implement the appropriate system.

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  • References

    Asprova APS allows us to plan the optimal number of personnel to implement the production plan, and thus determine the number of machines needed. Prior to the implementation of the Asprova APS system, we only knew “how much we should produce”. Now we know: how much and for when. I recommend cooperation with eq system to people who are looking not only for a company to implement the system, but also for substantive support in the improvement of the production management process.

    Tomasz Konkel Product Manager, Metrix Metal Sp. z o.o.
  • References

    The necessity to precisely determine the time for order completion, a flexible response to emerging changes and adjustments to individual customer requirements is the everyday life of the FMCG industry. At Sokpol, we attach great importance to continuous improvement and investment in solutions that will not only enable us to develop, but will be suitable at every stage of our development. Thanks to the knowledge of eq system specialists and the flexibility of the Asprova APS system, we are convinced that this will be the case.

    Błażej Pluta Commercial Proxy, Sokpol Sp. z o.o.
  • References

    Only the Asprova APS system met our expectations in terms of functionality and the wide range of development possibilities over time. However, we would not have decided to implement the system if it had not been for the extensive knowledge of eq system specialists. Asprova APS is a solution that should reflect the company’s business goals in its structure - cooperation with eq system gives us the confidence that this will be the case. At every stage of the work, its specialists not only prove the knowledge of the specifics of our industry, but also their skills when it comes to improving the organizational culture of the company itself.

    Tomasz Kwapis Project Manager, Zakłady Mechaniczne Kazimieruk Sp. z o.o.
  • References

    Our production process is extremely complex. We were afraid that we would not find an appropriate system that would be able to deal with it and accurately map all its details. And we were right - the system alone is not enough without specialists who will identify all connections, suggest how to prepare for the project itself, and eventually implement a solution precisely tailored not only to business goals, but also to the working methods of people in different positions. The combination of the experience of eq system specialists and the capabilities of the Asprova APS system inspires us with the confidence that the project will proceed as scheduled, and the assumed benefits will be achieved as soon as possible.

    Artur Kaczor Head of the IT Department, PZL WZM
  • References

    We found the Asprova system to be the system most suited to the current needs of Solaris. We perceive it as a ready system, with extensive and “tested” functionality featuring a user-friendly interface, which is also not so common. This tool can be configured and adapted to almost any process situation. And thanks to the ready structure of the program it teaches and also requires a logic and systemic approach to planning.

    Tomasz Skrzypczak Head of the Production Preparation Department, Solaris Bus & Coach SA
  • References

    Today Asprova APS constitutes the basis for taking strategic actions in our company. We find in it the answers to many questions, including where we can expect potential threats or delays. Thanks to this, we do not really allow them - we have undergone a transformation from responding to “fires” to responding “for the future”. Currently, we eliminate all existing restrictions on an ongoing basis - this enables us to refer to the actual and, above all, the up-to-date plan, not our assumptions. The Asprova APS system has fully met our expectations. We also feel that its functionality will suit us both now and in the future. I would like to emphasize that it would not have been possible without the commitment of both parties and the really impressive expertise of eq system specialists. I recommend both “systems” - eq system and Asprova APS.

    Agnieszka Sikora Production Director, Laboratorium Kosmetyczne JOANNA (JOANNA Cosmetic Laboratory)
  • References

    After discussions with eq system, Asprova seems to be the system that will meet our expectations related to the local specificity of the painting process. The standard ERP (IFS) system and its planning modules have very limited possibilities for defining on an ongoing basis. And it was the ability to reflect the changing technological constraints on an ongoing basis that we considered decisive in selecting the system. Asprova APS will also help lighten the load of our ERP system, which, with a very large amount of data processed by daily MRP loops, becomes a constraint in effective planning. Therefore, we want to handle the detailed production scheduling with specialized software.

    Anna Grupińska - Miężał Representative of the Management Board, GELG Sp. z o.o.
  • References

    After its implementation, Asprova has become a production and logistics management centre where key information is collected and shared and where the production plan is updated several times a day, taking into account resource constraints and delivery times. With Asprova, we almost always meet the order deadlines which we have promised the customers and if there are any disturbances, we are able to respond immediately.

    Strauss Cafe Poland Sp. z o.o.
  • References

    For planning purposes, we used a whole set of Excel sheets, developed with a large amount of work by our employees. The growing number of operations requiring planning prompted us to look for a dedicated IT solution, a computer program to support the planning and scheduling process. We have chosen the Asprova software to support the planning process. It was important for us that the Asprova program has a 50% share in the Japanese APS market, in the country that is the cradle of KAIZEN and LEAN PRODUCTION. Among many programs that are offered, the Asprova program is flexible enough to give the impression that it is a program specially created for the needs of our company.

    Waldemar Dworznik President of the Management Board of SOPP Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • References

    The Asprova system has made it possible to increase the efficiency of the use of production resources and to reduce warehouse stock levels through organizational activities focused around the optimization of planning and detailed production scheduling. The scope of the project also included the integration of Asprova software with the previously used ERP system (CDN-XL) and a system recording production progress. The consultants at eq system sp. z o.o. demonstrated professional knowledge and experience both in IT and analytics, and in the management of a production company. Based on our experience, we recommend eq system consultants and Asprova APS software to production entities, in particular to the automotive industry.

    Krzysztof Bartnicki Commercial Proxy, GOTEC Polska Sp. z o.o.

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