new projects | 27.12.2020

eq system implements the MES system in the Maflow Group

The MAFLOW Group is part of the Boryszew capital group, belonging to the automotive branch. The company specialises in serial production of cables and development of new technologies in the field of car air conditioning. The Maflow Group consists of 11 production plants located on 4 continents, in countries such as: Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, China and Mexico.

The history of the MAFLOW Group dates back to 1935, when the “Manuli” company was founded, producing rubber hoses for moving fluids within hydraulic lines. The beginnings of activity in the automotive sector date back to 1983, when “Manuli” together with “Uniroyal” bought the European part of the “Stratoflex” company – one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning ducts. In the 90s of the twentieth century there was a rapid development of the Group through further acquisitions of companies related to the production of air conditioning ducts and the launch of new plants. In 2010, MAFLOW was taken over by the Boryszew Group listed on the Stock Exchange.

Together with MAFLOW, we realise a project in the Toruń plant, which involves recording of the production events in the MES system, with particular emphasis on traceability with an accuracy to the batch in the production of semi-finished products and traceability registration accurate to within each item of the product on the assembly of air conditioning ducts.


We base the project implementation on our own XPRIMER.MOM solution.

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