Case studies

Asprova APS | 15/11/2019

FANAR – case study

The FANAR company – aware of the challenges of its industry - decided to implement the Asprova APS system by our specialists. This brought a number of benefits regarding both the improvement of the production process itself and the improvement of work comfort.

Opera MES | 27/05/2019

SSC – case study

Every company, every production process and information flowing through it is different. That is why one of the key elements that leads to success is a thorough and precise analysis of the functioning of the company and its individual departments, as well as technology. The next implementation was undertaken at SSC, for which the biggest business goal was to optimise business processes aimed at timely execution of orders and reduction of production costs.

XPRIMER | 28/03/2019

Mostva – case study

Do you have enough of the distortions associated with too long searching for documents and establish their location? Do you work in the logistics industry? Do you want to find out how other companies improve their processes and achieve their goals? Read now the case study from Mostva LLC

Asprova APS | 25/01/2019

Metrix Metal – case study

Reducing the waiting time for the finished product by 30%, improving the stability of the entire process and financial results while maintaining the same resources - these are just some of the benefits achieved by Metrix-Metal company with the help of eq system specialists and the Asprova APS system that they have adapted and implemented.

XPRIMER | 08/10/2018

Rhenus Logistics – case study

Why is XPRIMER increasingly appreciated by logistics industry? What benefits did Rhenus Logistics achieved with our help? What problems were resolved? Read more about that project!

XPRIMER | 19/07/2018

Kuehne + Nagel – case study

Why did Kuehne + Nagel choose us for its business partner? What were the benefits of working with us and implementing the XPRIMER communication platform? Check now.

Asprova APS | 19/07/2018

Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory (Laboratorium Kosmetyczne Joanna) – case study

What transformations took place at Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory after the implementation of the Asprova APS system? Read the case study now!

Opera MES | 19/07/2018

Model-Art – case study

The implementation and exact adaptation of the tools which we recommended has brought many benefits to Model-Art. Above all, it has improved the timeliness of order completions.

XPRIMER | 19/07/2018

Plastic Omnium – case study

See how the implementation of XPRIMER supported the human resources management process in Plastic Omnium.

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