references | 09/06/2021

Sohbi Craft Poland develops with the Asprova APS system

Sohbi Craft Poland is a company with Japanese capital, which does not need to be introduced on the domestic land, and which is not less successful in Poland. Gaining the trust of a Japanese company and establishing cooperation is a success of the eq system. As a result, Japanese production technology met Japanese information technology supporting production management and the APS Asprova system was implemented in Sohbi Craft Poland. The effects of the implementation allow us to look to the future with optimism and to expect further, dynamic development of the company. Read what Sohbi Craft Poland has gained after one year from the start of the implementation of the Asprova APS system.

expert articles | 26/04/2021

Planned Carbon Footprint

expert articles | 22/04/2021

Automatic work time planning in the XPRIMER 4.1 system

The latest update of the XPRIMER platform brings many interesting possibilities in the field of work time management. Elements of the XPRIMER.HRM module are becoming more and more clearly a part of the comprehensive work time management process related to other elements of the XPRIMER platform. The work time schedule is no longer just a presentation of a work plan for a set of employees coming from HR and payroll systems. It has been actively involved in planning of the correct staffing for production processes and / or customer service.

no category | 31/03/2021

Kaizen and APS

expert articles | 19/03/2021

There is no middle way in Supply-Chain- and Production Planning

Why are some production companies still doing their planning manually – with the help of Excel? The answer is lies in a lack of competent software that can deliver realistic and feasible planning. Even in the era of Industry 4.0. this field of expertise has still not received sufficient software support. What can this be attributed to?

new projects | 12/03/2021

XPRIMER platform in the Polish branch of Tikkurila Polska S.A.

Tikkurila is a Scandinavian paint company that manufactures products from carefully chosen raw materials. Thanks to the experience built since 1862, the company develops the highest quality products and services, providing customers with quality that will stand the test of time and work in all weather conditions.

new projects | 26/02/2021

XPRIMER.HRM system in Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is a company that has been operating on the global logistics services market for 150 years. It employs approximately 20,500 people in 489 branches in 173 countries.

new projects | 19/01/2021

Optimisation of production processes in the automotive industry – we have completed the EACN project

Today we have completed another important for us project. Last year, we joined the EACN (European Automotive Cluster Network) initiative to support companies from the SME sector in optimising their production processes. After all, we know the angles like no one else, and the idea of promoting cooperative projects and comprehensive solutions is very close to us.

new projects | 27/12/2020

eq system implements the MES system in the Maflow Group

The MAFLOW Group is part of the Boryszew capital group, belonging to the automotive branch. The company specialises in serial production of cables and development of new technologies in the field of car air conditioning. The Maflow Group consists of 11 production plants located on 4 continents, in countries such as: Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, China and Mexico.

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